Manager Training.

This is sometimes a touchy subject as most station managers tend to think they are correct.

Sometimes they are not thinking for the business and more on a personal nature..

We try to explain to the station manager that its not his taste in music or his beliefs that will make the station successful or not.

Base the station output on your business idea.

As an example, the manager may want to play just oldies all day, then you become very limited in who you can sell to. Oldies appeal to the average age audience of 50+ think carefully about their buying power.

New business’s are always appearing and appeal to a variety of age groups, if your station sound is wrong you will lose and will not get their business.

Ask this question: Will your clients get a return on their advertising with you, if not, you end up with lots of past clients spreading the word that it didn’t work for them. Not good for your reputation.

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